Thursday, November 20, 2008

Level 80

So, there are a buncha level 80's now! My question is....

WHY in the HELL would you WANT to be that kind of person?!

"Oh yeah! Look at me! I'm 80 in two days! See?! Look at my e-peen!"

....No...simply no. Your level 80 only means that you have no life really. What did ya take off work/school for a couple days and sat there unmoving at your computer screen? What a WASTE! You know, nobody thinks your cool for being 80 already. Sure, people like you in groups but they are thinking that your a complete goon in the back of their mind.

I, myself, am rather burnt out after questing a lot so I actually went to BGs and had some fun. Did Wintergrasp, did some roleplaying, had a bunch of fun while you level 80's were out there strutting your level 80 self around infront of people.

I mean it's just SAD! UGH! Its not really a big accomplishment but ya know what is funny?

It announces the first level 80's. But here is the truth in the message.

"So and so has reached level 80! They are the first level 80 human, mage, and 80 on the server! They must have just sat their ass on the computer cheering as they slowly passed out from sleep deprivation! WOOO! Grats Loser!"

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

I'm in Love with Wintergrasp

Ahhhh Wintergrasp! Such a great pvp event. Every two and a half hours too.

Destroyable towers, walls, doors, the works. Incredible vehicles to burn down foolish hordies, a nice buff if your outnumbered. This place is damn near elite and the most epic place I have ever been.

The battle goes on for 40 minutes where your either on defense or offense. Last night, alliance was conquering! 4 Wintergrasp wins in a row so we controlled the keep. On offense you have one goal, defend the keep and its walls. There are two goblin workshops behind the walls as defensive resorts for when the horde burst into your walls. But, all the action goes on right outside the keep.

Gradually as you kill horde, you get little ranks. After 10 kills you get corporal which allows you to make a vehicle in the goblin workshop! Rank 2: 20 kills: First Leuitenant: Allows the ability to make all the vehicles of the workshop! Now, depending on your rank, you get marks. First Lt. gets 3 marks, corporal gets 2, killing a hordie(NPC or player) gets you one, and if your stupid and just sit in the keep, you get ZERO! HAW HAW HAW!

If your on offense, you start out with two workshops, no walls to defend your three towers. Your vulnerable pretty much. But if you want the keep, you have to keep going forward! CHARGE! One of the best tactics is to use four players to get to corp or first lt. to get some vehicles and hit the eastern, western, s west, s east walls. This causes the defense to scramble around in a confused blur, allowing you to at least open one part of the wall to invade and kill! On my server, there doesn't seem to be many people doing Wintergrasp, which makes me sad that I have to run around killing NPC's for 40 minutes, getting my rank up and such that way.

Dontcha think it would be epic for like... a 100 alliance to fight 100 horde in an attempt to keep the keep? =P I think so. It would be incredible. Plus the honor would be grand. 2 and a half hours is the cooldown on the fight. You get 2000 honor if you win. Do it four times and lookie got 8000 honor for participating in such an epic fight. PLUS the honor you get from annihilating the horde trying to invade. You can easily get 10 grand honor a day from this. You just have to set some sort of timer to remind yourself that Wintergrasp is starting soon. Hell, log out in Wintergrasp! Do the battle, log out, go do something else productive on other characters or in real life and then log onto that character for the 40 minute battle.

I like this place because it creates a new feel to pvp for us. It makes us feel like we accomplish something when we punch down that tower or wall and cheer as we finally conquer the horde as a team! And I say defending is much more fun! Manning the turrets, blasting away at players and vehicles as they try to hit your big massive gates. It is just so amazing.

I LOVE Wintergrasp.

Monday, November 17, 2008


So yeah...Death knight....71...halfway to 72.

Too tired to really blog about how I went and got the "Nothing Boring about Borean" achievment.

Nor do I feel like talking about how I got to Dalaran and now its my heart. And the fact that I bought a toy train set for 237 gold...expensive....


Friday, November 14, 2008

Happy Friday!

So it is Friday today, guys and gals! Woooo! The weekend is but a couple hour away from me, where I will then continue the ultimate leveling of my Death Knight.

Can you believe that somebody could level a death knight to 71 already?! They must have either had a bot, some chinese friend with no life who sits at home, never sleeping, never eating, just leveling.

It sure as hell is crazy. And I thought I was leveling fast! GAWD! My friends are really curious as to why I do not want to go experience Northrend yet. I have two level 70 characters that could be going there but I decided that Death Knight will be my first character to step a foot onto Northrend soil. Why? I have no idea. I'm just gonna mass level my death knight.

I intend to hit raiding with my death knight quite a bit. I wanna see what the Lich King drops when he has the shit kicked out of him, when he finally takes the last hit and dies in sweet burning oblivion.

Sleep...Does...not...exist... was another fun night with Wrath of the Lich King, pwning face on my Death Knight of ultimate doom! I'm halfway to 63 now! WEW! Zzzzz.....Huh? Oh!

In order to accomplish this many levels, I basicly was leveling ALL FRIGGEN DAY and till about three in the morning. Once again, I've got about four hours of that nummy sleep before I had to get up.

World of Warcraft is really addicting, of course. I didn't even level this fast on my mage when I had hit Hellfire. It took me a couple days to complete all the Hellfire quests but I did that in one, plus some of the Zangarmarsh quests!

So far I have tried out all three specs! Heres what I think on the specs.

Blood- Blood is pretty much just single target dps. You want to rape one target with lots and lots of health? Blood Knight HOooooo! Blood Knights get a buncha nifty things to add to crit rating, bonus damage and even some handy skills you want to spec into.

Rune Blade is a weapon that is summoned after you blow 60 runic power for it. It is supposed to use the same attacks as you but I have had some conditions where it hasn't exactly done that. Mehh, oh well. Also, it has abilities to make your unholy and frost runes have a chance to become death runes which are able to be used as any of the three. It comes in handy when spamming blood moves in a fight.

There is also Improved Rune Tap which, when you use it, it will give you 20% of your health back. But wait, if you spec into blood funnel or whatever the hell its called, it will give you even more health! This is helpful in just plain never having to stop! Take that warriors! HAW!

One thing I would recomend staying away from is Hysteria. Sure, you give somebody 20% more damage for their attacks but it takes away 1% of their health for 30 seconds. In that 30 seconds, it can prove to be a problem to you if your not careful! Plus blood does plenty of damage anyways. If you intend to be doing a lot of instancing or having a healer with you...then get it. I suppose I'm just paranoid about dying with it. *Shrug* Now that I think about really will only be taking off 72 health for me when I use it on my DK. Maybe it -IS- worth it.

Frost- You are a tank of ultimate doomz. With a grand amount of frost spells, you can tank and rape on dps yourself! Frost is all about increasing the amount of armor you got if you spec right. Also it is about spell resistance. And not...getting stunned. It has a GREAT move that increases your armor by 25%, strength by 10%, and parry by 5%. Guess what kinda cooldown it has? 1 minute. Holy SH--

Frost is really a tank with epic dps. Death grip helps pull things that are in tight areas. I was in Blood Furnace and got up the stairs. You know the set of mobs where it has two orcs and an imp? And that warlock that patrols there. Well heres what happened!

Warlock: HA! Prepare to die! If you move forward you will aggro one or two of these groups! Bwuahahaha! Imma charging my SHADOW BOLT!
DK: ..... *Death grips the warlock, ripping him through the air and bringing him to directly stand infront of you.*
Warlock: Hey....thats cheating! OW! Q_Q

That basic move for all death knight specs, being a base move, makes the DK SUPER FRIGGEN HELPFUL in like all the instances. Whenever you have a tight pull, have the DK pull. Not matter what spec, we can still take some damage!

Unholy- Oh yes...the unholyness within your soul will burst out like the black alien thing from your stomach like those things in the Alien movie. =P Unholy is pretty much area magics. Using your plague strike(If you spec right) will cause a area of blight to spill around you, causing your damage to increase 5%.

You get an area move at the bottom of the Unholy tree that causes everything around you to be attacked like bugs just like good ol' Frozen Throne. This, combined with death and decay is good for burning down bunches of mobs or even just two!

Summons! When you spec into Master of Ghouls, you can summon your ghoul and it does not go away until you die or it dies. It even gets a little unique Ratstealer! Also, you can learn to summon a gargoyle at the same time, just as long as you have some runic power, you can keep that Gargoyle out for about a minute as well as the ghoul.

DK: ....Wow.... I have so many skills I do not know what to do with them all.

That is get so many spells that you have to throw them up on the side bars and such so you can keep them out!

The Death Knight is a Heroic class. It sure as hell puts out.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Spacing out

Don't you just hate it when you space out? You totally ignore everything around you and sink into your own mind. I just happened to do this in a local bathroom. My mind raced on and on until a voice from behind me came out of no where.

I didn't even notice him come in really. I looked back, blinked at him and asked "What?" He shrugged and went over to do his business while my eyes returned to the mirror, once again plunging into my mind.

I think it is just because I was up till friggen 4 this morning and only got 3 hours of sleep. Or maybe I have too many things on my mind. Though, spacing out is rather good, I would say. You place yourself in a quiet place and allow your thoughts to race, allowing you to relieve some pressure on the mind.

Also, blogging helps that as well. I suppose that guy thinks I was weird or something by just sitting there spacing out infront of the mirror. Maybe I am weird! =P

Yes, it must be my tired-ness. I'm even starting to space out while I type this up. I really need to go crash in a couple hours.


Death Knights!

So, I went and got Wrath of the Lich King around 12:40 last night. I stared at the case of the game, as if the very Lich King himself were staring back at me, egging me onto play the game. So I taught thats son of a----

---bitch a lesson by installing the game! HA! Take that you bastard! I'm playing Wrath! *Flex.* Anywho, I declared to all my friends that I would not even try to TOUCH Northrend until my Death Knight was available to go. Currently got him to 59 after about 3 hours of gameplay.

You start out in the great Ebon Hold. The Lich King is straight behind you just as you log into your character in all his evil glory. So then, you start a big set of chain of quests, going on attacks on frost wyrms, hiding in mining carts, and a bunch of other quests.

For most of the quests, you get talent points! With some of the quests you even get 6, which is a big help. It scales all the way up until 55, plus the talent point you get for every level. So I was 58 by the time I actually left the Death Knight starting area. You HAVE to do all the quests in order to leave. Or you could wander around like an idiot =)

But I do not want to spoil the entire things to the readers. Make your own death knights. Go see what happens in the end! It is a very interesting questline. But, then your finally released and on your way to Outland...or you just do some quests in Azeroth.

Death knights pretty much own face in melee. They barely take damage when being attacked by a melee mob but they have a weakness. And that weakness is magic. Remember when you'd start that new alliance alt, hit westfall and encounter those mages who would take away a third of your health with one fireball? Yeah...kinda the same.

I encountered a group of casters. Three of them. As I started out, I thought it was going pretty well until the three shadowbolts hit me. There went about a tenth of my health with every shadowbolt! O_O! So I then began to rape face, my loyal ghoul by my side, leaping through the air at them, gnawing at them, owning their little caster faces.

But alas, I died. Though, I had specced in unholy...and you know what happens then right? I soon saw some sort of circle appear around my corpse and I was revived as a ghoul, fighting alongside of my pet. 45 seconds was the counter we destroyed the last caster quick and I simply clicked off the now 20 second buff, dying for real this time and running back to my corpse.

After reviving, I went towards Netherguard keep in hopes to hit Outland. Too bad I passed out near my laptop, later finding myself in Netherguard this morning. Overall, I think Death Knights will be an epic class...and soon magic will not be so bad after I get my antimagic shield! =)